7 KPop Girl Groups Who Have Their Debut in 2020

In 2020, many new girl groups are enlivening the Kpop music industry. Starting from small agencies to big Korean agencies, busy debuting the best trainees.

Having a variety of concepts, a girl group that has certain characteristics. Moreover, one of the girl groups achieved the title Monster Rookie. Immediately, here are 7 KPop girl groups that will debut in 2020.

1. Aespa

What KPopers have been waiting for is the debut of the new girl group SM Entertainment. In conclusion, in November, SM debuted a girl group named Aespa.

Having 4 members, Ningning, Winter, Karina and Giselle, Aespa is so famous even though it's still new. The single Black Mamba, moreover, was watched by millions of people in 24 hours. It's normal for them to be nicknamed Rookie Monsters.

2. Cignature

The first girl group that debuted in 2020 was Cignature. Located at the base of C9 Entertainment, Cignature debuts in February 2020 with the song Nun Nu Nan Na.

Cignature has 7 members namely Chaesol, Jiwon, Ye Ah, Sunn, Semi and Seline. Debut at the base of a small agency, but Cignature attracted the attention of KPopers.

3. Weeekly

Weeekly debuted at the agency which also houses the successful girl group APink, PLAY M Entertainment. With 7 members, Weeekly successfully released the song Tag Me in June.

Weeekly's success is evidenced by their achievement of the New Artist of the Year award at the prestigious MAMA event. Weeekly convinced him with the innocent concept that caught the attention of KPopers when many girl groups carried the concept of girl crush.

4. Secret Number

One girl group that has shocked Indonesians is a Secret Number. Nothing else because one of the members is Dita Karang who comes from Indonesia.

Secret Number debuted in May with the song Dis. The fifth member recently made his first comeback with the song Got That Boom. Thanks to its popularity, the team which is located at the base of VINE Entertainment received the Outstanding Newcomer of the Year award at the Asian Pop Music Awards.

5. Woo! Ah!

The team that debuted at the foundation of VN Entertainment originally consisted of 6 members. They debuted in May with a song with the same title as their team name, Woo! Ah!.

One of the members, Wooyeon is one of Woo's attractive energies! Ah!. The reason is that he is a former trainee at the big agency SM Entertainment. Even so, the six members Woo! Ah! also no less competitive. Unfortunately, Songyee left the team group 3 months of debut.

6. Bling Bling

Debuting on the same day as Aespa, BlingBling released the song Gram. Gram. B. Bling lost to Aespa.

Even so, the six members are known to care deeply. Song Gram. Gram. Moreover, it is also very addictive to be heard.


The last one is STAYC which also debuted in November with the song So Bad. Coming from an agency that is not very big, but STAYC was able to attract KPopers' attention.

The six members of STAYC, moreover, are said to be beautiful. Their vocal quality on stage is also very charming.


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