7 Kpop Girl Groups With Only 4 Members

 Every year, entertainment agencies in South Korea always debut new KPop groups that fans have been waiting for. When it comes to debuting a group, generally the number of members is a matter that really makes fans feel curious. There are agencies that debut groups with many members, but there are also some with quite a few.

In general, boy groups tend to have more members than girl groups and on this basis we want to mention 7 names of KPop girl groups which only have 4 members, who are they?

1. aespa

Debut has been long awaited, SM Entertainment's formal conclusion presents their newest girl group named aespa. Debut with a unique concept, aespa has an avatar or virtual (digital) member where they can relate to each other.


SISTAR is a girl group with a sexy image. The group, consisting of Hyolin, Bora, Soyou, and Dasom, who are located under Starship Entertainment, have a nickname like Queen Of Summer because they always release albums every summer to coincide with the summer concept attached to this group.

In 2017 Sistar decided to disband because the contract looked like the group had ended and released the last song titled "Lonely".

3. Miss A

Miss A, which is located at the base of JYP Entertainment, is also a girl group that was victorious during its time. The members consist of Fei, Suzy, Jia and Min who debuted in 2010 through the song "Bad Girl Good Girl".

Throughout their career as a group, Miss A has released many titles such as "Only You", "I Don't Need a Man", "Goodbye Baby" and others. In 2017, Miss A decided to disband after their 2 members, Jia and Min, chose to end the contract first.

4. Stellar

Stellar is a kpop girl group that debuted in 2011 with the initial line up of members consisting of Leeseul, Jeonyul, JoA, and Gayoung. But in 2012 Leeseul and JoA decided to leave the group and were replaced by Minhee and Hyoeun.

Stellar itself attracted attention because of the polemic of their group's sexy image but tended to be vulgar, they received a lot of criticism from netizens because they were thought to be indecent. This group then disbanded in 2018 due to an expired contract.


Entering the 3rd generation, who doesn't know BLACKPINK? This YG Entertainment girl group, which debuted in 2016, consists of Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rose. With 4 years of career in the music industry, BLACKPINK has successfully made many achievements and proud records both in Korea and internationally.

BLACKPINK itself has many hits that are easy listening like "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du", "As IfIts Your Last", "Playing With The Fire", "How You Like That" and many more.

6. 2NE1

Debuted in 2009, the girl group from YG Entertainment, 2NE1, became one of the legendary groups in the KPop industry. Consisting of CL, Minzy, Park Bom and Sandara, the four of them successfully attracted the attention of fans both inside and outside Korea because of their swag and badass image and appearance.

2NE1 also has many hits such as I Am The Best, Comeback Home, Fire, and many more. Unfortunately in 2016 the agency confirmed that this group was disbanded and currently the members are busy doing solo career.

7. Mamamoo

Debuting in 2014 on the basis of the agency RBW Entertainment, girl group Mamamoo is also listed in the favorite group of kpop fans at this time, you know. Consisting of 4 members, namely Solar, Wheein, Hwasa, and Monbyul, the four of whom are known to be like a group that has powerful vocals.

Mamamoo is also known to be like a group that is not shy and always shows what it is. Their music is also accepted by many people and often wins trophies.


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