KPop Groups That Debuted In 2020

November is an exciting month !!! 

In November 2020 we additionally need to witness the 'birth' of the 6 freshest K-Pop groups that are prepared to breath life into the South Korean media outlet. Who right? Or then again perhaps you as of now have top choices among the six? 

So we should follow, here are 6 K-Pop groups that are going to make a big appearance in  2020: 


Label: BE: LIFT Lab 

Debut Date: November 30, 2020 

The backup is done! The group that came from the I-LAND ability search occasion was finished up to make their presentation on November 30, 2020. 7 ENHYPEN individuals to be specific Jungwon, Jay, Jake, Ni-Ki, Heesung, Sunghoon, and Sunoo additionally needed to welcome their fans with ENHYPEN's underlying little assortment named BORDER: DAY ONE. The more modest than common assortment will likewise comprise of 2 sorts, specifically the DUSK Version and the DAWN Version. CAN 'T WAIT !! 

2. BXK 

Label: New Planet Entertainment 

Debut Date: November 2, 2020 

Youngsters X King or better known by the name BXK is another K-Pop group that is administered by New Planet Entertainment. The group itself comprises of 6 staff, specifically: Sun, Chanseung, Inu, Tae On, Lee Han, and Teen. To honor this introduction, BXK likewise delivered an electronic single assortment named 'Fly High' on November 2, 2020 prior. No less recalling 2 MVs for their fans named 'NOYB' and 'Fly High'. 

3. BAE173 

Label: PocketDol Studio 

Debut Date: 19 November 2020 

The appearance of BAE173 further warmed up the rundown of K-Pop symbol debuts in November 2020. In addition, BAE173 likewise has 2 staff who have just been known to the general population, specifically Hangyul and Dohyon, the two of which are previous individuals from the X1 group. BAE173 will comprise of 9 work force, in particular: Junseo, J-Min, Hangyul, Yoojun, Muzin, Youngseo, Doha, Bit, and Dohyon. The name BAE173 itself really comes from the contraction "Before Anyone Else". Then again, the number 1 speaks flawlessly and 73 is believed to be a fortunate number. Amazing! 

Note cautiously, dear! BAE173 is prepared to deliver their first little assortment named 'Crossing point: SPARK' which will contain 5 melodies in it.


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