K-Pop Idols Who Will Make A Comeback On 2021

KPop lovers get ready! In the early hours of 2021, there will be some KPop idols who are ready to make a comeback. The year 2021 has just arrived and this happy news from Kpop Idol continues to make fans excited.

In this January, there will be some K-pop idols who are confirmed to make a comeback. Quoted from Soompi, this is a line of KPop Idols that are about to make a comeback this January.


Girl group ITZY and SATURDAY are about to make a comeback on January 22, 2021. ITZY is about to release an English type of  “Not Shy” album.

On the other hand, SATURDAY is about to release their single album, entitled "Only You".

2. Hong Eun Ki

The man who was born 23 years ago plans to make a comeback in a few days, to be precise on January 5, 2021.

The singer who is good at rapping is about to release his fourth single titled "ON & ON".

3. Jeong Sewoon

One day after Hong Eun Ki, the KPop Idol who is planning to make a comeback is Jeong Sewoon. The singer and songwriter are about to make a comeback on January 6, 2020. Jeong Sewoon is about to make a comeback with the second part of his album entitled "24".


Then at the same time on January 11, there are 3 KPop idols who will comeback. They are (G)I-DLE, VICTON and TREASURE.

(G)I- DLE returns with the release of the mini album "I burn".

Meanwhile, VICTON released their first album, entitled "VOICE: The future is now".

On the other hand TREASURE is about to make a comeback with its first album entitled "THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT".

Not only these three KPop idols, there are new idols who are about to debut on January 11, 2021. They are T1419, a boy group about to debut with their single "BEFORE SUNRISE Part 1".

5. Epik High, AB6IX

On January 18, Epik High and AB6IX are about to make a comeback on the same day.

Epik High is about to make a comeback by releasing the first part of their tenth album entitled "Epik High Is Here".

On the other hand AB6IX is about to make a comeback with "SALUTE: A NEW HOPE". It is a repackage of the third mini entitled "SALUTE".

6. SHINee

Not only the KPop idols above, SM Entertainment's boy groups, SHINee are also rumored to be about to make a comeback in 2021.

SHINee's return was revealed by SM Entertainment, Friday (1/1/2021), in a live concert.

It is known, SM Entertainment held a live concert entitled SMTOWN Live "Culture Humanity" which showed the artists it coached.

The comeback teaser begins with a montage of some of SHINee's hit songs. "2021: SHINee is back," wrote a message ending the teaser.

As is known, 3 SHINee members, Onew, Key, and Minho, have completed military service in the second half of 2020.

Meanwhile, Taemin, the maknae, has not yet enlisted in the military.

Fans are definitely looking forward to SHINee's comeback in the near future. It seemed that their dream was about to become a reality. After Jonghyun left, SHINee's last comeback in 2018 was then with the album The Story of Light.


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